Notice of imminent political agreement in Zimbabwe

11 September 2008

The Presidency of South Africa has given notice1 of the immenent signing of an agreement among political leaders in Zimbabwe to resolve existing major differences.

It is understood that details of the agreement will include sharing of political authority across presidentail, prime ministerial, and parliamentary-assembly levels.

The text of the notice given by South Africa is transcribed below.

" Pretoria- The South African Government congratulates the people and political leadership of Zimbabwe on the power-sharing agreement reached today and due to be signed under the aegis of SADC on Monday 15 September in Harare.

The agreement has once more underlined our often stated view that only the people of Zimbabwe, acting with the support of the international community, can author their own destiny out of the current political and economic challenges facing their country.

In this regard, we humbly note with appreciation the role played by the SADC Facilitation mission under the leadership of President Thabo Mbeki. Indeed, while this is course for celebration, we are all too aware that this historic milestone constitutes but the end of the beginning.

Accordingly, the sister peoples of Zimbabwe can draw inspiration from the knowledge that the peoples of South Africa, SADC, Africa and indeed the progressive humankind stand ready to partner with them as they embark on the difficult road of reconstruction, reconciliation and nation building.

In this regard, we call on the international community to give its unequivocal support to the people of Zimbabwe as they strike out along this new road.

Issued by Ronnie Mamoepa
Department of Foreign Affairs,
P/Bag X152
11 September 2008."


Congratulations to President Robert Mugabe and all parties to the discussions and anticipated agreements in Zimbabwe. Congratulations also to the Southern African Development Community (SADC)2 and to South Africa's President Thabo Mbeki for facilation and brave, patient, diplomacy. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)3 was first negotiated and signed, followed by patient negotiations chaired by President Mbeki.

Alternative resolution

To resolve local difficulties round the world, should the world community now consider SADC-Mbeki-style diplomatic approach as employed in Zimbabwe under auspices of a local regional body?

Presently, UK-US-style 'resolution' by way of unilateral military assaults and political incitement causes too much wanton maiming, death and destruction around the globe, as well as stirring political, social and economic instability with consequent breakdown of civic order and human suffering.


There should however, be care not to suggest that SADC-Mbeki-style resolution means eternal resolution. This being so, SADC-Mbeki-style approach is essential to avoid wanton destruction. An SADC-Mbeki-style approach appears to provide resolution (and a new dawn) with local honour and esteem not only in reasonable standing but possibly enhanced.

References and notes
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  1. Presidency of South Africa Web site notice of impending signing of agreement in Zimbabwe
  2. The SADC (which is also mentioned on the 'Abbreviations' page of this site) facilitated (under President Thabo Mbeki of South Africa) the resolution talks among Zimbabwe political leaders. References to a briefing and communiqués below relate to the 28th Ordinary SADC Summit and SADC Extraordinary Summit held in Sandton, Republic of South Africa on 16-17 August 2008.
  3. The MOU is also addressed on another page in this Yourpage on Zimbabwe section of this Web site
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