Contents of a letter to UK Prime Minister Mr Gordon Brown MP on the matter of his radio colour-labelling/branding of the President of the USA

26 March 2009

The Right Honourable Gordon Brown MP
Prime Minister
10 Downing Street

Dear Sir,

'Black' president

A matter of weeks ago, as broadcast on BBC radio, I heard the Prime Minister say words to the effect that the USA now has a 'black president'.

In classifying the USA President as above, I hope the Prime Minister will agree that reasonable grounds is thereby given to ask the following preliminary questions.

  1. What colour is the President of India?
  2. What colour is the President of The People's Republic of China?
  3. What colour is the President of Zimbabwe?
  4. What colour is the Queen of the UK?
  5. What defines the colour 'label' as given at (a), (b), (c) and (d) above?

A further and considerable point which impinges upon our own realm here in the UK, is that if the USA President is 'black' then perhaps it follows that his daughter might also be deemed to be 'black'.

In responding to the above questions I hope the Prime Minister will agree that reasonable answers should flow with equal ease and assurance from a five year–old starting the first day at infant school, as from a Prime Minister in his first term in office, when pestered by a concerned elector.

I would welcome an opportunity to discuss with the Prime Minister or a member of his staff, points leading to and from my questions. I would also cite and justify a range of 'reasonable grounds' that support their asking.

Yours faithfully,


Hubert Taylor
[Birmingham, UK]




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