Contents of reply letter on behalf West Midlands Police & Crime Panel, by chairman, Councillor Darren Cooper
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WMPCP West Midlands Police and Crime Panel
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Scrutiny Office
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Hubert Taylor
Flat 2, 18 St Michaels Road
B18 5LA

18 December 2012

Dear Mr Taylor

I have been given your letter dated 17 December 2012 and will try to address the issues below.

  1. It is not of statutory relevance that this was announced in the summer, but it was of important contextual relevance that the PCC's choice of Deputy was public prior to the election.
  2. The comment referred to related to a specific question asked of Cllr Mosquito at the hearing about the broader stakeholders.
  3. This is a paid employee role for a new organisation. One would assume an induction would be put in place. As you know the panel does not have a statutory authority to demand this and was not seeking to do so. It does, however, have a statutory requirement to support the effective exercise of the PCC in his role and the advice was offered in that context.
  4. As it is a paid post and, therefore subject to employment law, the panel was seeking to have some reassurance that a redundancy pay out would not be requested at the end of the term of office in order to safeguard PCC funds.
  5. You will see that training / induction is seen as important in that it is explicitly identified on the panel's work programme. On 29 October there was a session on the principles of public life relating to the panel, on roles of the panel, PCC and Chief Constable and on the forthcoming confirmation hearing. There was a session on 10 December to brief Members on the PCC's budget prior to formal discussions in the New Year. The challenge is in having time to cover all relevant issues as panel members do not receive an allowance for attending meetings or training, but I am committed to taking opportunities to do this when possible.
  6. The rules of procedure were agreed on 20 July by the shadow panel. Papers at: police-and-crime-panel.html

    Minutes of this meeting are at:

I hope this answers your queries. The Panel's formal meetings are, of course open to the public. Information on meetings is currently on

Yours sincerely

[Darren C. Cooper]

Councillor Darren Cooper
Chair, West Midlands Police & Crime Panel
Leader Sandwell MBC




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