Contents of Enquiry-letter to Chairman, West Midlands Police & Crime Panel, regarding possible breach of statutory remit by WMPCP
  [This letter (below) initiates my enquiry to WMPCP]
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17 December 2012

The Chairman
West Midlands Police and Crime Panel
WMPCP Office
Birmingham Council House
B1 1BB

Dear Chairman,

I believe the Panel may have acted out-with statutory provisions in its scrutinising of the proposal of the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) to appoint Councillor Yvonne Mosquito as Deputy West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner (DPCC). I switched to this letter when brief Twitter interaction failed.

I base my view on my reading of the 27 November 2012 appointment confirmation letter (L) sent by the Panel to the PCC and also duly published. In replying to me, I ask the Panel to refer to me the statutory or other authority underpinning the Panel's scrutiny of the proposed DPCC appointment; particularly, in-line with the following.

  1. What statutory relevance, that the PCC "did make it known early in the summer that Cllr Mosquito would be" the PCC's "preferred DPCC"?  [L, 3rd paragraph]
  2. What statutory authority and professional or other basis to assess and determine that the DPCC role "goes well beyond the experiences gained by Cllr Mosquito on the West Midlands Police Authority"?  [L, 4th paragraph (e)]
  3. What statutory authority and professional standing to assess and detail "induction for [DPCC] Cllr Mosquito... to be put in place"?  [L, 4th paragraph (e)]
  4. What statutory authority and professional standing for requiring "reassurance from the DPCC that no legal or employment action (such as a claim for redundancy) would be taken against your office when the position is terminated at the end of your current term of office"?  [L, 5th paragraph]

The Panel assessed  [L, 4th paragraph] that "the Panel Members appreciated that this is as much of a learning curve for you [PCC] as for them". Will the Panel please:

  1. Identify the type and date of induction training undertaken by Panel members, specifically to equip them for the Panel's scrutinising role?
  2. In line any relevant statutory provision, on what effective date did the Panel put in place, rules of procedure for the Panel's performance of its role?

Please advise of the appropriate channel in case formal complaint becomes apt.

Yours sincerely,

[ by email ]

Hubert Taylor
[Birmingham, UK]




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