Email-letter to Mr Bob Jones, West Midlands Police & Crime Commissioner (WMPCC) regarding my 21 December 2012 written allegation of breach of statutory remit by WM Police & Crime Panel (WMPCP)

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Your ref: 2012-00135

15 March 2013

Mr Bob Jones
Police and Crime Commissioner
West Midlands
Lloyd House
Colmore Circus Queensway
B4 6NQ

Dear Mr Jones,

I thank you for today's reply to my 11 December 2012 letter in the matter of my concern about the tenor of West Midlands Police and Crime Panel's confirmation scrutiny of your proposal to appoint your Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner.

I note your reply and so far as I am concerned, this letter will close my side of the matter albeit my feeling is that the delaying of your reply and its brushing aside of the points I raised, combine well, in evident contradiction points put in your own 28 November 2012, "Dear Darren", response-letter to the Panel's chairman.

My personal view is that the points of my concern about the Panel's scrutiny, is clearly endorsed by wording in your own response to the Panel, and I cite the following.

Paragraph (c)
"I am confused by this point as the principles of Public Appointments clearly indicate …"
paragraph (e)
"a cursory reading of Councillor Mosquito's CV would suggest she could well lead any learning and development …"
paragraph (e) b.
"this could be perceived as ... the Panel involving itself in the detail of personnel issues with my staff …"
"I hope you will accept that on reflection none of the above is appropriate".

I recognise that the early months of the inaugural year your Commission, there will be some trial and error and teething troubles before old ties weaken and new positioning is established to serve the electorate.

I wish well to you and your team; as fair, lawful and considerate policing is of vital social import.

Yours sincerely,

[ by email ]

Hubert Taylor
[Birmingham, UK]



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