Contents of an open-letter to UK Prime Minister Mr David Cameron MP to combat racism in and around football in England.
[Endorsed by 286 signatories]

15 December 2011

The Rt Hon David Cameron MP
Prime Minister
10 Downing Street

Dear Prime Minister,

Open letter: Against racism — An age–old and divisive 'cancer' in 2011

Recent events and an 08/11/2011 The Sun article (attached) by former England international, Mr Ian Wright, inspired the attached list of a further 286 signatures aimed to impress upon the Office of the Prime Minister and the Football Association, the need for better and unequivocal action continue to demonstrate that allegation of race abuse, just as race abuse, is now a serious matter in England and treated no less seriously than events occurring abroad.

Recently, the Prime Minister and other ministers and the Chairman of the Football Association delivered outspoken responses to racial allegations against the President of FIFA. The outbursts stand in stark contrast to muted sidestepping of race abuse allegations against England's own football captain whom the FA blatantly paraded at a pre-match press conference.

More Recently, several Premier League football managers — Messrs Kenny Dalglish, David Moyes, Harry Redknapp — highlighted particular conduct that imply questionable double–standards in FA conduct in football disciplinary affairs.

We pray the Government and the FA will recognise that at home and abroad, received double standards oft translates to a perceived hypocrisy and distrust causing inevitable lowering of standing and adverse international criticism.

Yours faithfully,


Hubert Taylor
[Birmingham, UK]

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