Survey Profile:
Race/ethnic mis–identification (& intrinsic barrier to learning by way of colour–labelling/branding of pupils)

Survey background

The surveyor contends that race/ethnic classification by (skin or other) colour of some pupils in the schools of England (as well as in wider UK society) is a substantial barrier to the academic and social development of pupils in schools in England.

This debilitation impinges upon all pupils; albeit to varying extent. It is also contended that this colour–labelling is an emphasised tribal differential that serves no recognise academic purpose but is socially divisive and demeaning, both in the context of its historical institution and in the present time.

In 2008, in informal conversation on the topic of race/ethnic colour-labelling, some (then) senior pupils of a Birmingham grammar school suggested that the surveyor approach their school's headteacher to suggest a debate of the issue; the surveyor promised the pupils to do so. This survey, through a Survey Questionnaire [see form links below] and subsequent discussion, is continuing effort to fulfil the promise to those pupils and also to promote wider debate.

Survey purpose

The purpose of the survey is to stimulate and encourage active review of the current policy of race/ethnicity–by–colour for some pupils and a different measure for the race/ethnic classification of other pupils.

Instead, the survey aims to suggest and encourage that there be put forward a consistent and universal methodology for classifying the race/ethnicity of pupils.

The consequence of such a method being to derive race/ethnic classification that does not demean some pupils, and give results that could be academically and logically supported in reasonably debate by teachers, and by pupils at an appropriate level, whether or not the pupils attend at a high–level academic–performance school.

The survey aims to found and encourage action–for–change (in the matter); including considered action at an individual, academic institution and at (local and central) governmental levels and particularly if schools involve pupils reasoned debate.

Survey method

The survey will comprise completing a Survey Questionnaire [see form links below] followed by individual or group consideration/discussions upon:

  • academic validity of the answers,
  • the reasoned logic across answers to related questions,
  • unreasonable contradiction across answers to related questions.

A key survey-focus will be to stir participants to reasoned consideration and informed individual action. [Ethnic is used here as used on the UK Census 2011 form].

Survey Questionnaire form

Survey privacy

Survey participant's name and e–mail address are requested but will remain private to the surveyor and not published.

  • Participants' name and e–mail address will not not be revealed in any discussion of answers on questionnaires.
  • Participant's name and e–mail address are not obligatory but welcome to enable contact and discussion with individual participant.

Surveyor (for information, discussion and survey form)

The surveyor is a private citizen who seeks to stimulate reasoned thought and UK action, upon the issue of the 'colour–labelling' of race/ethnicity which in the view of some pupils of at a Birmingham grammar school (and the considered opinion of the surveyor), appears to be a source of unreasonable and unnecessary consternation.

Hubert Taylor
[Birmingham, UK]

[surveyor's full contact details below]




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