Contents of email-letter to Mr Bob Jones, West Midlands Police & Crime Commissioner alleging breach of statutory remit by WM Police & Crime Panel
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11 December 2012

Mr Bob Jones
Police and Crime Commissioner
West Midlands
Lloyd House
Colmore Circus Queensway
B4 6NQ

Dear Mr Jones,

Thank your reply letter dated 11 December 2012 sent and received by e-mail as agreed; indeed if cost-effective and appropriate for your office then e-mail communications will remain wholly acceptable.

Thank you references to the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 and to specific paragraphs in its Schedule 1 and Schedule 16. In my originating telephone enquiry I had referred to paragraph 8(4) of Schedule 1, as my reading and understanding of it had led me to conclude that the West Midlands Police and Crime Panel had gone way beyond its statutory remit in the content and tenor of its 27 November 2012 confirmation-report letter to the PCC, reporting the Panel's scrutiny of the PCC's appointment of the West Midlands Deputy PCC.

Prior to my enquiry to your office I had read paragraph 8(2) and 8(5) of Schedule 1 of the Act and also Section 7 of the Local Government and Housing Act 1989. The statute to which your letter refers have affirmed my view that the Panel over-stepped its lawful bounds in a manner that belittled the standing of the Deputy PCC you sought to appoint.

My view is that the content and tenor of the confirmation report letter was demeaning of the requisite standing of the Deputy PCC - a view shared by others per Twitter posting. As the Panel's report - demeaning in my opinion - was publicly issued - it will be fair and just if its tenor and contents are equally publicly corrected or qualified if it is agreed that the Panel went beyond its lawful authority or other reasonable remit.

I will be grateful if my request for correctly steps and remedy is acted upon by the PCC and communicated to the Panel, please. I hope too that my request will be treated as a point of public interest and involvement in West Midlands policing affairs within the new PCC framework. Within the statutory framework it seems to me not to be relevant whether or not a PCC election candidate identifies a likely deputy before the election.

I thank Mrs Keogh for patient and kindly attention when I telephoned your office.

Yours sincerely,

[ by email ]

Hubert Taylor
[Birmingham, UK]




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