Contents of reply email-letter from Mr Bob Jones, West Midlands Police & Crime Commissioner regarding enquiry about statute governing role & responsibility of WM Police & Crime Panel
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Mr Taylor

11 December 2012

Dear Mr Taylor

Thank you for contacting the Office for Policing and Crime on 3 December. You wanted to know which statute authorised the appointment of the Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner and specifically which sections of the statute. Listed below are the relevant sections of the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011.

Schedule 1, section 8, paragraph 4, states that the Deputy does not have to go through a recruitment process in order to take up the post.

Schedule 1, sections 10 to 12, describe the process by which the Panel reviews and makes recommendations about the appointment proposed by the Police and Crime Commissioner.

Schedule 16, part 3, section 200, states that all staff of the Police and Crime Commissioner must be politically restricted apart from the deputy.

I announced that Yvonne Mosquito would be my deputy early on in the campaign, in order to allow the electorate to see our intentions.


[R M Jones]

Bob Jones
Police and Crime Commissioner

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