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General and specific

Personal information and submissions

Yourpage does not collect personal information during your visits to this website

Where visitors to the site write opinions and views to Yourpage requesting publication of their views, the views will be considered and decision upon publication determined by the Editor and publisher of Yourpage. If a visitor who submits views for publication, wishes to be identified and credited then the Editor will also consider and decide upon such a request.

No record will be kept of unpublished details. For example, if a visitor submits information which they wish to be kept private, upon being read, such details will be promptly destroyed by Yourpage. Such details include name, e-mail address and the like.

Where a reader requests a reply to a submission, if a reply is considered appropriate, both the request and reply will be published (barring personal details), and all personal details destroyed; as will be the case if a reply is deemed inappropriate.

Changes to this policy

This privacy policy may change from time to time as Yourpage develops. Visitors and prospective visitors to Yourpage can of course write to Yourpage to raise points of concern.


Use of submissions

Yourpage will not sell or rent or make private use of any information submitted to Yourpage.


Yourpage uses javascript to automate the display of some information; such a for showing a sequence of pictures or to pop-up window to display an enlarged view of an image.

Yourpage does not use javascripts to collect information from visitors.


Yourpage does not use cookies.

Links to external Web sites

Yourpage may contain links to many other external Web sites however no information is passed to those sites nor does Yourpage bear responsibility for the contents of such sites.




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